Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I really hate this word. I can't think of a positive way to use the word, busy.

I'm busy. -- hate it.
I'm not busy. -- hate it.

J couldn't even give me a sentence where busy is positive. Well, I think he just didn't understand the question and gave up. Or maybe he was busy.

The store is not busy. -- I can see where this is positive to the customer. Sadly, the store isn't making money.

The shirt is a little busy for my taste. -- Need I say more? Although this is usually a subjective comment, I would probably tend to agree.

Let's get busy. -- Although this could have a positive outcome, "let's get busy" sounds like something a man wearing a velour jump suit should say.

Yup, I'll keep brainstorming about this one. (if I'm not busy)

1 comment:

  1. Never too busy to read your blog. I may never think of this word the same way again. Thanks?