Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Pictures

I found myself looking at "baby" pictures today of Wilson.  There is something heartwarming about seeing a fuzz ball full of love.  

The top picture is of Wilson the day we found him at our local SPCA.  Jorge and I had stopped in a few times and were thinking about adopting a dog.  We were walking down the hallway of kennels and an employee opened the door holding a towel.  I immediately asked, "Hey, what do you have there?".  The guy looks down at this little ball of brown fur and said, "Look you didn't even make it into the kennel and you are already getting adopted. You are one lucky pup!"  As soon as we sat down and played with him, Jorge looked at me and knew we were taking him home.  I've heard people say that pets have a way of finding their owners.  I know we found each other that day.

Wilson's story is that of your typical pound puppy.  He was dropped in a restaurant parking lot. Luckily an off duty cop came upon him and reluctantly took him to the SPCA.  They described the cop as a rather "large" man.  I picture this big burly guy walking into the pound holding this tiny little puppy with a tear in his eye.  They said the officer was sad to leave him but knew he'd find a good home.  After being left in a kennel for x number of days to see if someone claimed him, he was "released" for adoption.  He was so tiny and scared, it just broke my heart to think someone wouldn't have just taken him home right from the parking lot.  

This is how Wilson became a member of our family.  


  1. Wilson has the sweetest face. I love the photos. : )

  2. Hi Y'all,

    Today I'm not sharin' spring so much as given y'all the Sylish Blogger Award.

    Y'all come by when you get a chance and pick it up!

    Y'all come by now,
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  3. Hello! very beautiful your blog, i loved all the photos and i follow you now. come to follow me in my blog too??


  4. I think your baby and my baby need to meet! I get teary thinking that someone would just walk by Lexi when she was at the pound and not immediately want her. But, I guess that was because she was meant to go home with me.